Leak reveals the next Nokia 5.2 design
Leak reveals the next Nokia 5.2 design

Evan Plus has released a real-time leak on the next Nokia 5.2 phone, and it will be announced officially at a company meeting in February.

The next Nokia event starts on February 23 and officially announces the company's middle class. Image versions of the company’s latest version will also be announced at the HMD conference, which opens in Barcelona this month. ,

5.2 The Nokia 5.2 section prototype design appears on this screen and comes with a wide wide headphone that also facilitates the use of the headset.

On the back of the phone is the circular shape of the rear view camera. The top and center of the camera are in the center of the camera settings, and the fingerprint sensor is at the bottom of the camera.

After that, the volume button is next to the play button on the right side of the phone tray and a USB port on the bottom of the phone.

Nokia is a Nokia 5.2 phone called Nokia Captain America with 6 GB of RAM, 64 GB of storage and a price of $ 180 on March 4. ,

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