Mozilla launches a VPN app for Android devices but it's not free
Mozilla launches a VPN app for Android devices but it's not free

Mozilla Foundation, the organization responsible for developing the Firefox web browser, provides VPN services for Android devices through a special application called Firefox Private Network VPN.

This means that the service has been expanded after being limited to Windows 10 and Chrome OS. However, the new application is still in beta. Interested users can add their information to the queue, but they must do so "invitation to register.

After receiving the invitation, you will have to pay $ 4.99 per month because privacy is not free and indicates that this price can only be tested for a limited time, and Mozilla pledges not to subscribe to web traffic or browsing history.

VPN apps use the new Wireguard protocol, which should be faster and more secure than other standards like OpenVPN or IPsec. Indicates that most VPN services do not support the WireGuard standard. Therefore, this functionality may be an important feature of the Mozilla service.

According to Mozilla, the service is managed by Mullvad VPN, which according to the company, does not have a communication policy. The app can support five devices simultaneously and uses servers in more than 30 countries.

Last September, the foundation launched a VPN program for Americans with additional Firefox modules. Some browsers (such as Opera) also have built-in VPN services. However, these services cannot guarantee browsing without network traffic or registration.

Unlike VPN services provided with browsers such as Opera, Mozilla has worked on paid services to avoid using user data, and the company claims to offer the service for more platforms and platforms from the regions.

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