Nextbase 322GW Car Dash Cam
Nextbase 322GW Car Dash Cam
Nextbase 322GW is the world's first SOS emergency tachograph to ensure your flight is safer than ever. The emergency service notifies you in the event of an accident and sends important medical information to support effective treatment. The 322GW is also compatible with Nextbase rear view camera to add a second camera. Customize your dashboard camera and choose one of 3 different rearview camera views from the rear view, cabin or rear window.
Nextbase 322GW 1080p Car Dash Cam
Nextbase 322GW Car Dash Cam

Nextbase 322GW 1080p Car Dash Cam Specs
  • 322 GW series: 322 GW, back window camera, housing, 32 GB microSD card
  • Record your trip: use the 1080p / 60fps HD drive recorder and the rear window camera to record the path behind you. MicroSD card read speed can reach 100MB / s and write speed of 60MB / s. The 32GB microSD card records approximately 4 hours of video and then repeats itself. View and share snapshots with the free MyNextbase cloud storage
  • Touch screen interface: The 2.5 inch HD touch screen can improve the ease of use when traveling. You can easily add more camera units to Nextbase 322GW. Nextbase 140-degree rear view camera can capture high-quality images of the entire road behind the vehicle, including the sidewalk on both sides
  • Tachograph with SOS Bluetooth 4.2 emergency response, Wi-Fi: With high-precision GPS, the tachograph sends an emergency alarm to your location in the event of an accident. The alert immediately sends your personal medical information (such as blood type and medical history) to medical personnel to assist you in the rescue.
  • Award-winning performance: Nextbase is the most award-winning camera company on the market.

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