OnePlus patent reveals phone with rear view camera lock
OnePlus patent reveals phone with rear view camera lock

Patented OnePlus phone. The back camera design of the phone can be blocked with a rotating protective cover. It also has a full screen view function that does not include a selfie camera.

OnePlus introduced the first unique closed-circuit camera model in Concept One, and the company's patent was republished in the WIPO database on a closed phone.

The phone is patented and has a circular back view camera design that mimics the OnePlus 7T. However, the new design includes a rotating cover to lock the rear view camera.

The patent solution also clarifies that if the back camera is in the closed position or the camera cover is open, the cost does not indicate whether the camera cover can be opened or closed manually after activation, or if the back cover does that approved automatic opening.

On the other hand, there is no front camera in OnePlus patent, the screen is in full screen mode and there are no bumps on the screen.

It is worth noting that the forecasts confirmed that the patented technology is currently unable to enter the implementation stage. Thus OnePlus will not provide this design for the next OnePlus 8.

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