PORMIDO Model PR996 HD Waterproof Back up Car Camera
PORMIDO Model PR996 HD Waterproof Back up Car Camera

WDR technology

PORMIDO's wide dynamic range technology allows each vehicle to work optimally in low-light conditions by precisely adjusting exposure so that you get crystal clear images, day and night.

Backup assistance system

When reversing, the rearview mirror automatically displays a full screen backup of a reversing camera with a trend line. The front camera detects a 170 degree angle and the rear camera has a 150 degree angle. You can use the Blind Zero to park the car more easily and safely. Car.

Photo mirror (rear camera)

If you deactivate the mirror function, you will receive normal (standard playback) images of the rear view camera, which can also be an excellent front or side camera.

PORMIDO Model PR996 HD Waterproof Back up Car Camera

Extension cord 32.8 feet

The 32.8 ft extension cable for the rear view camera is long enough because the rear view camera can be used not only in cars and SUVs, but also in large vehicles such as trucks and trucks. This also makes installation easier.

Parking monitoring

If you are shocked, shaken, or injured while parking, the camera will work on the parking screen to record for helpful evidence of theft or jogging around the clock.
Parking aids are only suitable for vehicles with fixed parking. Please purchase the tool kit (ASIN: B0833XB841) separately to ensure a continuous power supply.

G sensor and cycle recording

If the integrated gravity sensor detects a collision, the video will be secured and saved automatically if it is not overwritten with new files.
Even if the SD memory card is full, periodic recording can be performed on the drive recorder continuously. Once the SD card reaches the maximum file size, old files are overwritten.
Supports up to 128 GB or 10 chapters or more.

GPS registered

When connected to a GPS antenna, GPS coordinates, movement speed, procedures, date and time are recorded and displayed.
GPS antenna is not included, send us an email or buy it separately in our store

PORMIDO Model PR996 HD Waterproof Back up Car Camera

Easy to install

The PORMIDO mirror plate is used to attach the current mirror with the attached tape.
Make sure to install an optional external / internal shelf so that it can be installed inside or outside the vehicle.

The first larger rectangular screen

Beautiful rectangular design with easy-to-use icons.
Swipe up and down to adjust camera angle and swipe left and right to manually adjust brightness.
Switch from full screen to split view in seconds.
More suitable for video playback.
1080p rear view camera
Sony sensor lens

The seal is IP69K.

Temperature resistance reaches 158 degrees Fahrenheit.
The red cable of the rear view camera must be connected to the positive pole in order for the light to reflect.

Night vision star

Sony IMX323 Advanced Sensor, F1.8 glass lens 6.
Record 1080p videos at the same time, even the smallest details can be captured in low light conditions, and the license plate is always very clear.

PORMIDO Model PR996 Technical index

  • PORMIDO 12 "IPS Split 12" Rearview Mirror is an improved version of most rearview mirror cameras that allow you to see a very wide field of view behind you. This reduces the movements of the blind man and ensures safe driving and thinking.
  • Sony Dual SENSOR lens For greater accuracy with certified Sony sensors and WDR technology, you can get clearer DVR images from 1296 pixels front and rear recorders, especially on other vehicle fronts Low night vision lights brought in by the lights will
  • Single rear view camera with longer extension cable 33 rear view camera cable, suitable for SUV, pickup truck, heavy truck, truck, automobile, minivan and other cars of different sizes. Small rear-view cameras may be hidden in the back of the car.
  • Multiple functions and support of up to 128 GB You can use all the necessary functions of the PORMIDO 12 "multimedia rear view camera such as loop recording, parking monitoring, G sensor, parking guidance, brightness / width angle, GPS, etc. It also supports 128 cards Gigabyte

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