Samsung patent reports new improvements in Galaxy S20 camera
Samsung patent reports new improvements in Galaxy S20 camera

The South Korean giant recently submitted a new patent in the UK, which is published in a document called "Super ISO". The camera is expected to be improved to support the Galaxy S20 series.

Galaxy S20 series will soon see a number of improvements to the camera specifications, as the highest version is equipped with a 108-megapixel sensor and previous leaks confirm that the Galaxy S20 is used with advanced camera technology, including up to 10x optical zoom.

ISO technology represents the sensitivity and sensitivity of the camera light to night photography or poor lighting conditions. Therefore, Samsung's patent titled "Super ISO" is expected to represent a new upgrade to the low-light imaging function offered by Samsung for the Galaxy S20. Improvement.

Samsung's "Super ISO" received a rating of 9 categories, which is the category of imaging technology in smartphones, but the leak did not provide specific details about the technology.

On the other hand, Samsung offers up to 3200 light sensitivity for Note 10 and S10 phones, and this feature is expected to double in Galaxy S20 phones at ISO 6400 or higher, but the light sensitivity is usually a major disruption and will officially announce the official Samsung statement in the event February 11.

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