The Chinese resort to mobile applications to avoid corona outbreaks
The Chinese resort to mobile applications to avoid corona outbreaks

Chinese citizens use dedicated tracking and tracing applications to help prevent communities infected with coronavirus and prepare them for the dangers they may be exposed to.

QuantUrban and Map WeChat have created platforms to obtain official government information on confirmed cases and to georeform them so that users can measure their distance from the site of the injury.

Although the WeChat app named Epidemic (EiKuang) covers southern cities like Shenzhen and Guangzhou, QuanTuraban map on the web covers 9 other cities in the region.

"Shenzhen may explode in the coming days, and government data is being released slowly," said the director of Shenzhen, who "was not allowed to reveal his full name", in April. "When you see the map, you feel comfortable. You cannot guarantee that there are no new cases, but you can avoid the areas that are already affected," she added.

The number of confirmed cases in Shenzhen on Monday rose rapidly to 245, making the southern capital of science and technology the hardest hit in major Chinese cities Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. Shenzhen has a large number of migrant workers in the hard-hit central provinces. QuantUraban and YiKuang rely on volunteers to update their daily data.

The launch of these solutions came after the release of the public media: separate CCTV and People's Daily shows were approved that allow users to know whether the bus, train or plane they were traveling in was used by the infected patients.

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