Xiaomi introduces new details about developing a 100W super turbocharger
Xiaomi introduces new details about developing a 100W super turbocharger

Lu Wei Ping announced new details about the development of the 100-watt ultra-fast turbocharger technology and outlined the company's challenges in technology development.

Mobile giants are pushing technology to take fast charging to a new level that supports super fast smartphone charging. Last March, Xiaomi introduced a 100W ultra-fast turbo technology that can charge a 4,000mAh phone in just 17 minutes.

Lu Weibing, Vice President of Xiaomi, however, issued a new statement on Weibo. He noted that the development of the 100W fast charging technology is associated with many technical challenges and difficulties. He pointed out that shipping technology faces five main challenges:

  • Low battery capacity: Due to the high battery temperature in fast charging technology, the capacity and efficiency of the battery gradually decrease over time. Compared to the charge of 30W PD, the battery capacity is reduced by 20% if the charge capacity is 100W
  • The charging technology implementation process: Wei Bing noted that the 100-watt charging technology requires very high effort, so the development of this charging capacity is always associated with technical difficulties.
  • Performance difficulties: Xiaomi confirms the company’s desire to develop fast charging technology using a power source
  • The cleaning capacity of 100W exceeds the resources currently available to ensure better performance over a longer period of time.
  • Security: Xiaomi also highlighted the development of the charger, which supports safety and protection factors for battery, motherboard and various configurations, and provides users with higher protection standards.

According to reports, Lu Weibing did not announce the exact time to introduce 100W fast charging technology, but said in a statement that the first series production could be expected in the future.

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