Amtifo AM-W50 Backup Cars Camera
Amtifo AM-W50 Backup Cars Camera
Amtifo AM-W50 Wireless Rear View Camera, With Auto License Plate With 5 Inch Screen, SUV, And Rear View Camera For Small Trucks Clear Image IP69 Waterproof Ultra Night Vision

Amtifo AM-W50 Wireless Backup Cars Camera
Amtifo AM-W50 Backup Cars Camera

Amtifo AM-W50 Cars Camera Specs
  • Quick and easy installation] Combine the wireless rear view camera and a 5 ”screen so you can see the surrounding areas when driving in the opposite direction. It is recommended that the height be less than 23 feet to provide clear graphics at a reasonable price.
  • Crystal clear visual effects, stunning night vision effects: crystal clear video, 6 glass lenses, 100% true color reproduction, and updated chips 100% realistic images help us drive or save in a smooth atmosphere. LED lights provide color images in the dark, and the excellent rear-view camera ensures a safe reflection.
  • Durable Water Resistant Camera] IP69 Waterproof Reversible Camera: Ultra-waterproof back view camera with surveillance group. The camera is made of ultra pure resin and has a protection class of IP 69 according to international standards, so you can use it in all rain, snow and hot conditions. If you want to add a second camera to the system, please contact us.
  • Golden corner at a angle of 150 degrees. Combined with an adjustable wait line to adapt to the position of the camera mount at different heights, the parking assistant becomes reliable.

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