Check out the Stress Test for the Strongest Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra
Check out the Stress Test for the Strongest Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

The popular YouTube durability test channel has tested the latest Samsung phones, the Galaxy S20 Ultra, including engraving, bending and sharp cutting.

JerryRigEverything has been named one of the most "extreme" channels in durability testing. He got the Galaxy S20 Ultra, then presented test results confirming that the device is similar to the Galaxy S10 that was launched last year and has the required durability.

JerryRigEverything test started by scraping the screen with a sharp metal tool, even if the screen was able to withstand the deliberate sixth zero face, and at the seventh level, the screen (Galaxy S20 Ultra) was exposed to a layer of glass by Gorilla. Protection so that scratches appear clearly on the screen. Glass jar 6.

Since the phone frame is made of a layer of aluminum, the color layer can only be removed by scraping with a blade, and the back of the protected phone can also be scratched with a layer of Gorilla 6 glass with a scraper like the blade.

Although glass differs from metal or plastic and easily breaks down, JerryRigEverything's attempts to fold the device didn't work, like the latest flagship Samsung phones. The glass protection of the front and back cameras successfully resists scraper disposal attempts.

For a burn test, the Galaxy S20 Ultra is strong enough to withstand intentional burns on the screen, as screen pixels are recovered after 30 seconds of bubbles.

What impresses the channel is the flexibility of the fingerprint sensor under the screen after scratching it with a sharp metal object. This is no longer a problem after the seventh stage.

It should be noted that Samsung announced the phone (Galaxy S20 Ultra) and my phone (Galaxy S20) and (Galaxy S20 Plus) on February 11 and launched them on Friday.

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