China is intensifying the cyber attack due to the coronal epidemic
China is intensifying the cyber attack due to the coronal epidemic

A US cyber security company announced today (Wednesday) that a group of Chinese hackers suspected of returning to the end of January intensified their cyber espionage, while the epidemic of the coronavirus occurred outside China.

FireEye said in a report that the activity of a pirate group called APT41, which started on January 20 and targeted 75 factories, media companies, the healthcare sector and nonprofits, had increased. on her. .

Christopher Gillier, a security engineer at Fire Fire, has "several possible explanations" for the boom related to long-term trade tensions between Washington and Beijing and the controversy caused by the Coronavirus, which he claimed started life. Nearly 20,000 people worldwide.

The report said that "the new campaign is" one of the largest campaigns launched by Chinese spy organizations in recent years, "and" Fire Eye "refused to identify the affected customers, but said in the report: APT41 recently discovered the development of companies such as Cisco and Citrix Software Vulnerabilities tried Hacking dozens of corporate networks in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Singapore and more than 12 other countries.

Cisco e-mailed that it had fixed the vulnerability and reported attempts, while Citrix said it had worked with (Fire Eye) to address "potential violations".

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