Elirin Smart Watch Review
Elirin Smart Watch

Elirin GPS Smart Watch Outdoor Professional Running for Swimming Sports Water Resistant Fitness Heart Rate Heart Pressure High Temperature Various Sports Styles

Why do you need an hour?
The watch contains GPS, air pressure, altitude, temperature, stopwatch, compass and other functions for outdoor travel. It supports swimming, diving, ball, walking, running, climbing, cycling and other sports. If you like triathlon, diving and mountain climbing, this smart sport watch is your best choice.

When calling as a smartphone app, the watch also includes a smart alarm, call reminder, stable reminder, message reminder and other functions.

Heart rate monitors are important. High intensity, high pressure, intense anxiety, and persistent fatigue lead to an irregular heartbeat and become a major cause of sudden death for many people, especially young adults.

GPS unit with track recording
This watch is equipped with a separate GPS device. When you open the outdoor sports mode, you can record your travel itinerary. (GPS tracking is only available abroad)

Outdoor altimeter

It contains a 24 hour altitude map and the change in altitude is calculated by the change in pressure. When climbing, you no longer have to worry about height.

Track temperature
Record the 24-hour temperature graph. The disk shows the current room temperature.

Walk outside
With the satellite system, you can track the path closely, including pressure, altitude, frequency, heart rate, distance traveled, calories, steps, and climb rate.
Elirin Waterproof GPS Smart Watch
Elirin Smart Watch

How it works
Use the satellite system to record accurate flights, including speed, pace, LAPS / time, miles, heart rate, calories, and frequency steps.

Data includes current depth, maximum heart rate, water temperature, etc. Level 5 meters of water depth and abnormal water temperature.

Heart rate monitor
Thanks to the improved AI algorithm and high-performance sensors, the watch can measure heart rate more accurately in real time.

Watching swimming waterproof
Supports 5 meters of water depth and abnormal water temperature.

Get smart information
If the smartphone notices that it vibrates / is ringing to remind you, it is not affected by the environment and can be used at any time.

Elirin Waterproof GPS Smart Watch Specs
  • Best outdoor / indoor fitness partner: Supports multiple sports modes, the watch supports swimming, diving, ball game, walking, running, climbing, cycling and other sports. The watch contains various detailed data.
  • Multi-satellite positioning: GPS + Beidou + GLONASS After successful satellite communication, latitude, longitude, altitude, travel speed and Greenwich time coordinates are displayed in real time.
  • Smart notification: If the phone detects vibration / ringing to remind you, it will not be affected by the environment and can be used at any time.
  • Sleep monitoring and wake-up: The sleep monitor can detect the sleep status every day and the sleep status is saved in the app. It is possible to wake up from sleep, light sleep, deep sleep, etc. and set an alarm to remind sleep time, etc.
  • Very low durability: The entire watch battery can be used for approximately 8 days as an external trip, approximately 13 hours with GPS and 4 hours of continuous operation.

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