Google continues to update Chrome shortly
Google continues to update Chrome shortly

Google has indicated that Chrome can continue to use it after a short pause in the development of the next version of the browser, and in a new announcement on its blog, it will continue to use this version when the calendar is published.

After the work intensified, the research giant decided last week to suspend updates (Chrome) in the midst of the growing crisis of epidemics of Corona virus.

It is unclear when (Chrome 81) will be released on Tuesday when Google suspended Chrome updates last week.

The company said in the announcement afterwards that due to the increasing number of employees working from home due to the new Corona virus, temporary suspension is required to ensure security.

Browser manufacturers also want to make sure engineers are ready to lock (Chrome) and fix bugs and security issues that may arise with the new version.

(Chrome 81) appears to be published faster than some Chrome users expect. Therefore, Google will prioritize security in (Chrome 80) before launch (Chrome 81).

This release (Chrome 81) should be released on April 7, a few weeks earlier than originally planned. The company plans to release them three weeks earlier than expected in mid-May (Chrome 83).

The company has completely bypassed this version (Chrome 82), including features planned for the previous version (Chrome 82).

Google plans to share future updates with release time (Chrome 84). For details about the calendar, visit the Chromium development team and go to the Google Timeline calendar page.

The research giant said that since Chrome and Chrome OS are stable, secure and reliable, they will continue to be closely monitored during this epidemiological stage.

Microsoft confirmed last week that Chromium Edge-based version 81 will also be delayed shortly after Google announced the delay (Chrome 81).

The software giant also announced that the optional cumulative update for Windows 10 will be temporarily suspended from May. However, important security updates will be available for Windows.

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