Google has announced $ 800 million in support for small businesses
Google has announced $ 800 million in support for small businesses

The research giant announced that it will support companies and small projects in the coming period to combat the global spread of COVID-19, and the research giant has pledged $ 800 million to support these companies.

To date, the spread of COVID-19 has continued to have a major impact on the global economy, so the efforts of global industry giants and large corporations have multiplied to respond more effectively to this crisis. In this context, Google announced that it would provide assistance to small companies to deal with the effects of transmission of the coronavirus.

The research giant has announced that it will allocate $ 800 million to cope with the crisis, and the company will seek to divide this commitment as follows:
  •     $ 250 million has been awarded through an advertising grant to support the World Health Organization and 100 government agencies around the world to provide information and details on the causes of the disease and take action to support local communities.
  •     Providing Google with an advertising credit of $ 340 million until the end of the year
  •     A $ 200 million investment to support NGOs around the world.
  •     $ 20 million for research institutes and researchers to find Google Cloud credits for COVID-19.
  •     Financial support increased the production of medical devices to protect the person. Google has partnered with Magic Glove & Safety to increase CDC medical mask production from 2 million to 3 million.
According to reports, Google expects these efforts to support organizations and society strongly in the future to combat the spread of COVID-19.


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