Google has fixed the worst issue for Chrome
Google has fixed the worst issue for Chrome

Google Chrome is one of the most popular internet browsers because it can be used on all desktop systems and mobile phones. Google has improved Google Chrome on a user basis for years.

Chrome suffers from major disadvantages because it consumes the resources of the operating system and can greatly affect the battery life of the laptop. So if you're running a bunch of open tabs in Chrome, the device speed is faster than expected, but it's no surprise that Google has taken steps to fix this issue.

Google announced on Thursday that it will protect its browser users from advertising with large amounts of resources. However, it appears to be a new problem that has only emerged recently.

For years, people have been complaining about browsers so much that tutorials on how to prevent battery discharge from Chrome on the Internet have been released and the company has tried to fix battery problems in the past.

The most interesting thing about the new version of Google Ads is that the company hopes to fix it at least officially as the company now hopes to save battery devices and data plans and provide them with a good network experience. .

This can be done by limiting the resources that an ad can use before the user interacts with the ad. If the ad violates the new rules, it will be disabled. Google also provides an example Chrome for Android. However, we hope this functionality will be used on desktop.

The company said that its (worst) ads that use the processor and network bandwidth represent more than 99.9% of all ads recognized by the supplier.

Google will test this feature in the coming months and release the stable release of Chrome in August.

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