Microsoft announces the consumer version of Microsoft 365
Microsoft announces the consumer version of Microsoft 365

Microsoft released the Microsoft 365 Individual and Family Plan, which is designed to replace and improve existing customer plans in Office 365. The Microsoft 365 Individual and Family Plan is available on April 21 and costs $ 6.99 per month per person (one person) per month. $ 9.99 / month for families (up to six people).

Both subscriptions include access to (Office 365) and (OneDrive Premium). The company plans to introduce new features gradually in the coming months, and the software giant (Microsoft 365) has employees and replaces domestic workers. The brand (Office 365) is well known. Use Microsoft 365.

About three years ago, Microsoft introduced a new service called (Microsoft 365) for its corporate customers and merged the new service between Windows 10 (Office 365) and (Enterprise Mobility + Security).

The service (Microsoft 365) integrates Microsoft's best consumer functionality into a single package that not only includes (Office 365) and the like, but also contains new components, as the service has a new experience (Microsoft Editor) is available via the application that provides a new editing experience to avoid distortion problems And construction.

(Microsoft Editor) is expected to be merged with (Outlook) and other applications (Microsoft 365), and the company will also release custom web browser extensions.

(Microsoft 365) Allows users to access the premium content list in (PowerPoint Designer) that contains 150 videos that can be used freely in presentations. The company is also making improvements to (Presenter Coach) in (PowerPoint) with new features.

(Excel) has a new feature called (Money in Excel) that connects to financial accounts so that users can track their money. This feature represents Microsoft's return to the fundamentals of managing personal finance in (Microsoft Money) and making it easier to track and analyze expenses.

The company also launched a new app called (Family Safety) that allows parents to track the time their children use the device so you can set time limits and reminders. The app also offers weekly automatic reports and many other household jobs in this new app. The company offers users complete privacy.

Although Skype is Microsoft's primary consumer communications app, it is clear that the company is now focusing more on business and personal life (Microsoft Teams), so both Microsoft 365 personal and personal subscriptions can access new versions (Microsoft Teams) for consumers.

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