Microsoft plans to announce the Xbox Series X specifications
Microsoft plans to announce the Xbox Series X specifications

Microsoft plans to broadcast live next week to announce new things to developers, including specs for the next generation gaming platform.

After the GDC 2020 Game Developers Conference was canceled due to fear of the new Corona Virus, the event came from the American tech giant. The company attended conferences announcing new features for the game platform and developers.

In an event scheduled for March 18, Microsoft plans to announce Xbox Series X game system specifications in addition to planning an xCloud service delivery project.

Microsoft announced the design of the Xbox Sense X platform at the Game Awards in the second half of last year, which surprised Xbox fans. It was confirmed last month that the platform would be powered by 12 Teraflop (GPU), which could make it more than double the power of the current Xbox One X platform, but it's eight times more powerful than the Xbox One X platform.

Microsoft's next live broadcast (about one hour) will focus on how game developers can take advantage of next-generation game consoles so that the company can release more specifications. platform.

Microsoft announced certain specifications for Xbox X to launch by the end of February by the end of this year.

Microsoft says it will develop its own shape for shading technology called VRS, adding that the technology will result in higher frame rates and higher resolution without sacrificing the final image quality.

Microsoft has announced that the platform will use NVMe SSD internal storage drives, which will reduce download times and improve the gaming experience. Xbox C Series X also supports 8K games and 120fps frame frequency.

The company has partnered with the HDMI Forum and TV Manufacturers to enable automatic platform latency and variable refresh rates on the platform with support for HDMI 2.1 ports. HDMI 2.1. This reduces input latency and makes it smoother when running on TV.

In addition to hardware specifications, the gaming platform also gets next-generation features (fast recovery). Microsoft used similar features on the Xbox One platform to continue games. However, it promises to allow Xbox SenseX owners to resume multiplayer games in standby mode. .

Microsoft also stated that it will support backward compatibility on the platform so that Xbox 360 and Xbox 360 games can be played on it. The company pledges to announce more details about the following specifications for the gaming platform in the coming months.

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