Qualcomm announces new audio technology competing with the competition of AirPods Pro
Qualcomm announces new audio technology competing with the competition of AirPods Pro

Qualcomm has announced new chips and audio technologies that will be used in wireless headphones and is expected to be launched in the coming months and years. The American chip manufacturer has introduced two chips (QCC514X) and (QCC304X), which will replace the QCC5100 chips (QCC30XX) that have been available for several years. Plus two new audio technologies supported on the chip.

The statement was released two years after the introduction of the latest technology in wireless headphones. Although the QCC514X chip is included in advanced products, the QCC304X chip is only used for low and medium wireless headphones.

QCC514X and (QCC304X) chipsets are expected to support new audio technologies, including: TrueWireless Reflection Technology and active hybrid noise reduction technology developed by Qualcomm wireless headphones.

TrueWireless Mirroring technology is said to provide a more reliable connection to the source device and allow seamless switching between all headphones. This is useful because each earphone can be used independently and without interference, and it can connect safer headphones. It was discovered as the main speaker.

(TrueWireless Mirroring feature) to manage phone calls through a headphone and then copy them to another headphone, theoretically reducing the time required to sync for a more reliable connection.

At present, most wireless headphones have a fixed main headphone that can remain connected to a smartphone, tablet or laptop except for some options such as Apple Special Edition (AirPods Pro). It uses similar technology.

The new Qualcomm chipset must support noise cancellation technology with voice assistant enabled, so that users can activate the feature by speaking words within the headphone range without having to press a button to call the voice assistant and gain a better listening experience and thanks to the noise canceling function more natural hearing functions .

According to Qualcomm, users can use it continuously for 13 hours according to the conditions of use, so the new Qualcomm chipset has a longer battery life, which also means the size of the case, and charging can be reduced to a more portable size, and you don't have to wear headphones. This box is often used for shipping.

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