CZUR Scanner

CZUR ET18 Pro provides word-level performance for companies that need a lot of scanning, and is designed with efficiency and convenience as a top priority. Use an incredibly compact and stylish device that meets all your scanning needs: color, black, white or gray, fast, and high quality. Penetration technology has been applied: ET18Pro's second-generation laser curve provides the ability to reduce side curves and achieve super-scan speeds (1.5 sec / p). Bring smart pages together and use them separately.

The second generation of laser curve flattening technique
Simply place the book under the camera, open the edge of the book and point it at your fingertips. Smart processing flattens the curved sides while the final scan fingers are recognized and clipped. Your file is perfectly straight and without fingers every time. No matter how randomly placing the document under the camera, CZUR can easily fix it.
CZUR Scanner

Double-sided scanning in 1.5 seconds

The ET Smart Book scanner is powered by a powerful 32-bit MIPS processor and can scan two pages of unrestricted open books in 1.5 seconds. Scan linked documents 80 pages per minute, ten times and ten times faster than traditional scanners.

CZUR ET18 Pro Specs
  • Patented Flatbed Pages: ET18 Pro uses the latest CZUR technology to smooth the curved 3D surface after converting pixels into a full book page layer.
  • Sony 18 MP camera, simple and fast: The Sony 18 MP camera has 1.5 S / P scan speed and ET18 Pro can easily scan 300 pages of books in 10 minutes or 10 times the speed of traditional scanners. Automatic scanning technology makes it easy to scan documents and books. You just have to turn the pages. It is also recommended to use the foot pedal to operate the scanner.
  • A3 and A4 are applicable: ET18 Pro is suitable for A3 and A4 format materials or for any size in between. Perfect for papers, graphics, magazines, catalogs and even large books, no problem.
  • Additional lighting: ET18 Pro has two additional high-quality lights so that glossy paper can be cleared (we recommend turning off the headlights and only using the side lights).
  • Lifelong Optical Character Recognition Program (OCR): A free, lifelong reading program of 186 languages ​​that allows you to change scanned materials (cropping, focus, contrast, thickness, etc.) immediately after scanning. Any material can be converted to PDF, WORD and TIFF editable and automatically saved. You can even use the program to convert and edit imported documents. When books are open, the program can automatically split or merge two open pages after scanning

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