Telegram supports creating discussion folders and adding icons Corona
Telegram supports creating discussion folders and adding icons Corona

The instant messaging service announced today (Monday) that it will launch a new update with many benefits such as chat files, archives and channel statistics.

"Many of our users rely on Telegram when working and studying, and this has increased in recent weeks," Telegram said in the message. To ensure that all user discussion lists can handle overloading and never miss any important messages, we present to you today (the chat folder). ""

With the new "Chat Folder" function, users can separate professional chat from local chat and chat from friends and then easily access it via the tabs at the top of the app. The new function (discussion folder) can be accessed in the application settings on mobile devices and desktop devices.

Telegram previously started the installed chat functionality, with which only 5 cats can be installed. However, with the new update, users can install an unlimited number of cats.

Telegram said: This feature (discussion folder) makes it easier for users to view discussions based on their importance. However, if users want to hide some of them, they can do so using the function (chat archive). To do this, swipe right in chat and move it to archived chat folder. When a notification about the archived discussion arrives, it leaves the folder to return to the discussion list. Silent calls are not saved.

In addition to previous features, Telegram added a feature (Desktop Sync) that synchronizes all chat folders (except for secret chats) on different devices, including desktop applications. The service also adds features (channel stats) to channels with more than 1,000 subscribers.

To use the Telegram on Android, the service adds graphics for recording new sounds and emojis, the most important of which is the virus and disease code (COVID-19).

The latest version of the telegram app for Android phones can be downloaded from the Play Store. The latest version of the Telegram app for iPhone and iPad can also be downloaded from the App Store or App Store computers from its website.

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