The official launch of the Vivo NEX 3S 5G cascade screen phone
Vivo NEX 3S 5G

Vivo has now announced that the NEX 3S 5G, which includes a Snapdragon 865 processor with a curved screen, will also support standard LPDDR5 RAM and UFS 3.1 storage starting at $ 719.

NEX 3S 5G uses a 90-degree AMOLED screen in a row. Size 6.89 inches. The screen takes 99.6% of the phone's frame. The phone also includes a 7xm Snapdragon 865 processor chip and a Snapdragon X55 5G modem chip to support 5G. Network connection.

NEX 3S 5G has LPDDR5 standard with 12GB RAM and also supports UFS 3.1 standard with storage capacity of 512GB. Also contains a liquid cooling system.

NEX 3S 5G also supports WiFi-6, has an NFC-eSE chip, 4,500mAh battery and 44W fast charging technology.

In camera configuration, the NEX 3S 5G is equipped with a triple camera with a main camera with a 1: 1.8 aperture with 64 megapixels. 1: 2.2 aperture with 120-degree viewing angle and 13-megapixel viewing angle, and a third sensor with a 13-megapixel camera and lens. The telephoto lens supports up to 2x optical, 10x digital, with a 1: 2.46 lens.

On the other hand, the front camera of the phone uses a context design with a 16 MP sensor with a 1: 2.09 aperture. NEX 3S 5G also supports on-screen fingerprint recognition and has a 3.5 headphone port.

The NEX 3S 5G is 9.4 mm (76.14 inches) wide, reads 167.44 and weighs 219.5 grams. The phone supports Bluetooth 5.1 because its flagship model starts with the Vivo NEX 3S 5G. The price is $ 719 and includes 8 GB of random storage. 256GB storage will be launched on March 14.

The official launch of the Vivo NEX 3S 5G cascade screen phone
Vivo NEX 3S 5G


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