Trojan Ginp must pay to introduce users to the virus
Trojan Ginp must pay to introduce users to the virus

The notorious banker Trojan Gimp was able to enter fake SMS text messages into SMS applications and reappeared after activating a new function to take advantage of the emerging conditions of the Corona Virus (COVID-19).

Once installed on the victim's phone, Trojan Ginp can receive orders from the attacker to open a website called Corona Virus Finder, which claims that someone near the user has contracted the virus.

On the website, the victim's user must pay 0.75 euros to find out the location of those wounded. However, if the user agrees to transfer them to the payment page, credit card details will not be entered. They will not receive any payment from the victim's user and will not do so. Due to the fact that you receive information about the alleged injured party, the fact is that credit card details are in the hands of cybercriminals.

Ginp is a fast-growing Trojan that constantly gets new features. The name of this new version of Trojan indicates that its developers plan to target previous targets primarily for the Spanish population.

"For months, cyber criminals have been trying to take advantage of the new aura pandemic by launching phishing attacks and creating malware called corona. The global health crisis is emerging," said Kaspersky security expert (Alexander Ermin).

Ermin added: "This is the first time that we are trying to take advantage of the banking Trojan horse crisis. It is disturbing that the impact of the Trojan pocket, so we encourage Android phone users to be careful and treat them. From windows, suspicious websites and news about the virus.

Kaspersky experts recommend the following measures to reduce the risk of a Trojan attack or other banking Trojans:
  •  Avoid downloading apps from the official Android store.
  •  Avoid clicking on suspicious links and providing sensitive information such as passwords or credit card information.
  •  Installing a reliable security solution on the phone, for example B. Kaspersky Internet Security for Android, protects against various threats, including banking Trojans.

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