Amazon turns to a Chinese company banned to supply thermal cameras
Amazon turns to a Chinese company banned to supply thermal cameras

On Wednesday, Reuters reported that Amazon, based on three insiders, bought cameras from a blacklisted company to measure staff temperature during a new coronary virus outbreak (COVID-19) because the company was involved in helping to capture and control Uyghurs in China. And activities of Muslim minorities. else.

A person familiar with the matter said: China Zhejiang Dahua Technology Co., Ltd. 1,500 cameras shipped to Amazon this month with a deal value of around $ 10 million. Another said: At least 500 companies from the blacklist are planning to use them in the United States.

Amazon purchases (not previously announced) are legal because the rule controls US government contracts and exports to blacklisted companies, but it does not block sales to the private sector. However, the United States recommends that US companies be warned against companies that deal with listed companies.

The Amazon deal was completed when the U.S. Food and Drug Administration warned of a lack of temperature gauges, saying: This would not prevent certain uses of thermal imaging cameras that were not approved by the epidemiological regulations.

Amazon declined to confirm the purchase of Dahua products, but said its devices comply with local, national and local laws and temperature controls "aimed at and will continue to support employee health and safety". To provide important services to our community. "

The company added that it uses thermal imaging equipment from "numerous" manufacturers, but declined to name it. Among these suppliers: Infrared and FLIR cameras previously reported to Reuters.

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