Apple can allow applications to be tried without installing them in iOS 14
Apple can allow applications to be tried without installing them in iOS 14

9to5Mac reports that Apple is working in a new way in which users can discover apps on iOS without installing them.

The website explains: The first edition of the fourteenth edition of the system (iOS) states that this functionality enables users to test specific application functions by scanning QR codes.

The website states that the link opens in the Safari browser, when the user opens a link or scans the QR code from an application that is not installed on the iPhone or iPad, the application can do so publish the opening application. The program itself is not a regular link to the browser.

9to5Mac analyzed the new API called Clips and found that developers can use it to deliver interactive and dynamic content from the app even when the app is not installed. In the Analytics site release, the Clips API is directly linked to the QR code reader, so users can scan the code associated with the app and then interact directly from the on-screen map.

The website says, "Let's say you have a QR code with a link to a YouTube video, but the official app is not installed on your iPhone. With iOS 14 and the Clips API, you can scan this code and copy the video onto a floating card that shows the original user interface instead of From the web page. "

Developers need to select any part of the app to download wirelessly from iOS to read this content. The floating card provides the ability to download the full version of the application from the App Store or open this content in the installed application.

Android has a similar functionality as Slices, where the interactive part of the app can be displayed in search results for Google and Google Assistant.

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