Apple develops a removable and customizable luxury headset
Apple develops a removable and customizable luxury headset

To expand AirPods' activities with this advanced audio product, Apple is developing a detachable and customizable wireless headset.

According to agency sources, the U.S. tech giant is working on at least two different types of headphones, including: a unique leather-like texture model and another fitness model that focuses on using lighter materials and allows air to flow through small holes.

The typical headphones look modern: the oval pillows revolve around the axis and the headband is attached to a thin metal arm. The source added that the weapons came from the top of the ear pads, not from both sides. The earpads and headband pillowcases are magnetic attached to the speaker frame so that the user can replace it.

This method is similar to some headphones from companies like Mater & Dynamic and Bowers & Wilkins, although these models only contain magnetic pads. With Apple design, users can customize the headset as if they were using Apple Watch.

Apple plans to use the next pairing, AirPods Pro, with the wireless pairing and noise reduction technology. Siri will also use Siri for voice control and includes a limited number of built-in touch controls. The product will compete with premium headphones from companies like Bose, Sennheiser Electronics and Sony, with the price of these headphones currently around $ 350.

Bloomberg sources said: The development of Apple headphones began at least in 2018 and two versions were postponed. The source also said that the company plans to launch the product later this year, but the complexity or pandemic of the final development process (Covid-19) can also affect time and functionality.

It should be noted that Apple launched the first Airpods in the series in 2016 when the headphone jack was removed from the iPhone. The launch of the headset helped to sell the company's mobile products and make it the primary growth engine for the iPhone. Then the company updated (Airpods) in 2019 and launched (Airpods Pro) with noise cancellation in October last year.

Last year, Apple made accessories like AirPods, Beats and Apple Watch worth $ 24.5 billion. The success of the accessories is very helpful in making the company make more profit for every user, especially when users tend to keep iPhones for long periods of time.

The Apple product named "New Headset" will join many other products that the company prepares, for example: IPhone phones that support 5G networks, hardware labels, and affordable products for iPad and Mac devices.

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