Apple launches a website and explains how Corona affects user activity
Apple launches a website and explains how Corona affects user activity

Apple said on Tuesday it would publish data to report to the health agency if people locked cars to a lesser extent to slow the spread of emerging aura viruses (COVID-19).

The U.S. company said the data was collected by calculating Apple Maps route requests, downloading it to all iPhones, and comparing it to previous uses for driving, walking, or discovering public transportation around the world. Changes in the number of people in traffic.

According to Apple, this information is updated daily and compared to a specific date in mid-January, before most of the US shutdown. Today, more than 90% of Americans are under care and have introduced various closing policies in countries around the world.

The company said that the data is collected together so that individual user requests are not displayed and individual users or their locations are not tracked. She added that the information provided on the public website will show changes in major cities and 63 countries or regions.

Data show that in the San Francisco Bay Area, motorway requirements as of April 12 have fallen 70% from January 13 last year, while traffic trend requirements have decreased by 84%. In New York, itineraries decreased by 69% and public transportation by 89%.

Apple did not specify an absolute number of requests or a specific number of people on the go, but it expressed data as a percentage of requests compared to the baseline as of mid-January 2020.

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