Arlo Pro 2 VMS4630P WiFi Home Security Camera Review
Arlo Pro 2 VMS4630P WiFi Home Security Camera

Arlo Pro 2 VMS4630P is the most powerful and most secure wireless surveillance camera ever, thanks to 1080P video, wireless simplicity and the ability to connect to an outlet if necessary, all compact wind and rain design. Viewing angle of 130 degrees

1080p HD and advanced motion detection
View and record HD videos more detailed than ever. The wide-angle PIR motion sensor ensures that no one notices movement.

Watch 3
Pick up the event 3 seconds before the event starts and find out what happened from start to finish. Available for call and internal use.

Field of activity
Mark the area in the camera view where you want to receive movement and sound warnings. Available for call and internal use.

CVR is optional around the clock
If you connect and use the camera indoors, please update it to get continuous records in the cloud.

There are no wires or connections. Weather resistance
Hold the camera full of rechargeable batteries and connect it to an internal power outlet or to the Arlo solar panel (sold separately). This is your decision. Rain or lightning, hot or cold, Arlo Pro IP65 certified, it will rain.

Smart siren
With more than 100 alarms that can remotely control or detect movement or noise, turn them off before the crime occurs.

2- The method of sound
Listen and speak directly from your smartphone with the built-in speaker and microphone.
Arlo Pro 2 VMS4630P WiFi Home Security Camera Review
Arlo Pro 2 VMS4630P WiFi Home Security Camera

Free local storage and cloud registration
You don't have to pay for the cloud that you don't need. Maintain freedom of movement and registration during the past seven days. Use the local backup storage option on the USB stick to protect your records.

Arlo Pro 2 VMS4630P WiFi Home Security Camera Specs
  • The 100% wireless design allows you to place the camera at any angle to monitor the home from all angles
  • 1080p HD video with clearer detail. 2440 mAh battery. Battery life depends on settings, usage, and temperature
  • Focus range (ST): fixed focus (2 feet infinity); Night Vision: It is automatically activated in poor lighting conditions and can be seen clearly in the dark
  • Includes long life rechargeable batteries. You don't have to buy disposable batteries
  • Flexible power options use rechargeable batteries, AC power, or Arlo solar modules (sold separately).
  • With the IP65 certified weatherproof camera, you can place it indoors and out
  • The Arlo Smart provides the Arlo with powerful intelligence. Customize notifications to discover specific people and regions and call emergency services directly from your smartphone's lock screen (optional service, including one-month trial period).
  • Note: More information can be found in the following specification table [pdf], user guide [pdf].

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