Beware ... a simple text message crashes the iPhone
Beware ... a simple text message crashes the iPhone

Normally, the iPhone or iPad crashes due to a number of specific texts and errors (iOS) that are occurring now, as new text messages continue to spread and the iPhone is forced to suspend the message, even if the text message appears simple, only they cause the device to malfunction and force it to Shutdown.

The new text message consists of an emoji with an Italian emblem and letters in Sindhi. It can be used on Mac devices, Apple smart watches, iPads, and iPhones, and no action can be taken to avoid damage.

The original source of the message appears to be the Telegram group, but it is now widespread on Twitter and other social media platforms, and in theory it can be used in any application, such as Twitter messages. etc.

While the problem sometimes causes the messaging app to freeze and reopen, some users report that the iPhone itself can be forced to close, which not only causes the app to close. The messaging is on the phone, but its effects will also extend to other applications such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

This error usually turns off the phone and restarts. Some users have reported that this could also cause more serious problems, for example B. Turning off the screen. Obviously, this problem can only be solved if the device is running in “DFU” or in recovery mode (including resetting the device). Done.

The first report indicated that the error required an ampersand in addition to the symbol of the Italian flag. However, some people claim that other emojis can be used, and the video shows that the iPhone fails after receiving text messages with different letters.

There is no easy way to avoid mistakes. One of the temporary solutions is to turn off notifications on the device because errors affect notifications in messages, not messages themselves. This means that turning off notifications can prevent potential attacks, but it may also prevent receiving notifications from other messages.

According to reports, the issue will not affect the latest beta version of iOS 13.4.5, but so far not everyone can use this version. The only way to solve the problem is to place a bet on the Apple software update, and it appears that the error does not allow hackers to access your phone or hack into the phone. A more frustrating way than dangerous.

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