Bill Gates tips for students while staying home
Bill Gates tips for students while staying home

Bill Gates was a guest on one of the world's largest interactive interactive courses, Code Break, to advise students on how to stay focused and learn actively during the emerging Corona pandemic. Motivation.

In his conversations with class founder Hadi Bartovi and his daughter Sofia, Bill Gates explained how computer programming can be used to visualize data about Corona virus and how innovations in computer science can support the development of medicine.

Bill Gates described the halo virus as a war against humanity, in which common people and foes are completely opposed to each other. How this war inspires international cooperation and creates common goals for human action, but for families all over the world. It is difficult for students to change daily changes, especially to keep pace with the school.

"Learning at home requires more discipline, and when you feel tired, communication becomes more difficult," Bill Gates told students in the "Questions and Answers" section of the course.

However, Bill Gates encourages students to adapt to the new way of learning at home by following daily routine activities, especially for students who need to share computers with their families at home, Gates said: "I think it's very helpful to have a new natural style and commitment With it every day. Discipline is very important. "

Gates also encouraged students to use their own resources to learn at their own pace, whether they are online courses or connect with friends who can better understand the textbook, and said: “It is important that you share your understanding with other students.” Gates also encouraged students to spend time Outdoors, if possible, and he said to the student, "If you allow it, you should always go out for a bit and stay active so you don't feel overwhelmed."

Despite the difficulties caused by the halo virus, Gates expressed optimism about the global unity that can be achieved in fighting the virus, and Gates continued to express the world's response to the epidemic: "With great international cooperation, we have seen the combined efforts of scientists from all over the world to achieve a tremendous victory."

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