China targets US COVID-19 research
China targets US COVID-19 research

The Trump administration has accused China of trying to steal coronavirus research because officials have warned that it has seen a growing wave of cyberattacks against national organizations and criminals against U.S. government agencies and medical facilities. Epidemiological response.

Hospitals, research laboratories, health care providers, and pharmaceutical companies, and the Ministry of Health and Human Services, responsible for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, are attacked every day.

"We can say that there are only two places in the world that can attack the Ministry of Health and Social Services in this way," one person familiar with the matter told CNN.

After hesitating to share widespread medical attacks on a particular country, senior officials from the National Security Division decided to contact China. The Department of Justice is now particularly concerned about Chinese hacker attacks on American hospitals and laboratories to steal research on the emerging coronavirus.

"Today, the search for biological vaccines has no more value than manufacturing vaccines to treat coronavirus. It is important. The economic importance is the geopolitical success of every country," said John Demers, head of the Department of National Security at the Justice Department. A research company or laboratory that developed this vaccine for the first time. ""

Chinese cyber espionage activities increased against the United States in the months following the spread of the virus. FireEye Cyber ​​Security announced last month that the Chinese organization (APT41) had carried out one of the company's most important activities in recent years.

The increase in activities directed to the Ministry of Health, Social Services and the broader medical sector is part of a widespread online campaign by organizations other than China associated with many countries.

It should be noted that the Donald Trump government has also accused other countries of using the virus. For example, Reuters confirmed that Iranian hackers have attempted to hack into email accounts of WHO staff, including a list of potential candidates from Russia and North Korea. .

China's new allegations are in line with previous reports. China is said to have backed a fake propaganda campaign to mix the virus. Officials have previously accused China of intruding on medical providers.

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