CHORTAU B-T20 Dash Cam
CHORTAU B-T20 Dash Cam

The CHORTAU B-T20 automatic relay camera uses a high-resolution sensor to capture every detail with a 170-degree wide-angle lens and record high-quality 1080P lenses. The mini tachograph can enable efficient and reliable monitoring on the go. This powerful video guide avoids the risk of losing insurance claims and protects you from insurance fraud.

Super night vision

The driving recorder with the advanced IMX307 and HD lens can record clear video images and license plates even in poor lighting conditions. Make your driving safer at night.

24-hour parking

Activating the parking monitoring function ensures that when an external force is detected by the parking camera, the tachograph, video recording, lock and save functions are automatically activated while parking the vehicle.

Note: The built-in 150mAh battery can record at an angle of only 15 seconds. If you want to continue recording, please insert it or connect it to an external power supply

(G-sensor) Emergency record
The adjustable G sensor automatically records unexpected driving accidents, closes video during collision and prevents overwriting. The automatic driver recorder protects you from insurance fraud and can make the police and insurance companies more visible in case of inconsistencies with other driver reports.
CHORTAU B-T20 Cars FHD Dash Cam
CHORTAU B-T20 Dash Cam

1080P FHD resolution

The Dash Full HD 1080P @ 30fps automatic camera provides smooth, high-quality videos. This camera gives you the best viewing experience. With an advanced high-resolution lens, the tachograph can clearly hold the license plate.

Liquid loop recording

Smooth camera loop recording creates videos and replaces the oldest uninsured file automatically to save the current file when the memory card is full. Do not miss a moment.

Screen savers
By default, this driving recorder function is activated and the screen is locked while recording, which can save more energy. Therefore, you will not be distracted while driving. If you do not need this functionality, you can deactivate it
CHORTAU B-T20 Cars FHD Dash Cam
CHORTAU B-T20 Dash Cam

CHORTAU B-T20 Dash Cam Camera Specs
  • Full HD 1080p Driving Recorder is used to capture 1080p Driving Recorder at the same time. The front camera can clearly record the license plate to ensure you get the best shot results. Tips: The SD card is not included in the tachograph. The recommended maximum is 10 GB and 32 GB. Please format the memory card before use.
  • When the loop record and automatic malfunction detection record reach the memory card limit, the smooth loop log replaces old devices with new content. The variable sensitivity G sensor can detect sudden collision automatically, immediately record and close the relevant lens in SOS file. This prevents exchange and thus protects your video instructions. The driving recording camera supports up to 32GB of micro SD cards. Note: Do not activate motion detection while driving.
  • Once the tachograph with the standby mode detects a collision, the tachograph starts and recording starts automatically. So if someone scratches your car in the parking lot, you will get a video tutorial. If you monitor your car around the clock, you can confirm.
  • Ease of installation and use, very easy installation and use of tachographs with reference pictures in our operating instructions, the supplied suction cup can be easily installed anywhere on the windshield in seconds. Simply insert an SD card (not included) and connect to the power source. The drive recorder starts recording immediately after ignition, the video stops playing and is recorded when the drive is turned off.
  • Lifelong after-sales support CH CHORTAU is an excellent company, and is convinced that innovative technologies can offer customers added value. We provide lifelong customer service to lead recorders. If you have any questions about the dash camera, please contact our customer service team. We will respond to you quickly within 24 hours to provide you with the best service.

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