Chrome OS replaces web applications with Android applications
Chrome OS replaces web applications with Android applications

Google is changing the way Google Play Store works on Chrome OS, as the software giant has begun to replace some Android apps on Chromebook with Progressive Web Applications (PWA) that look like traditional app websites. .

The ability to download Android apps on Chrome OS is a huge advantage. Compared to the fastest and most powerful progressive web app of this type on Android, the resources required for Android applications usually exacerbate this experience as it takes up less storage space and requires less operating power.

Google has worked hard for many years to improve Android apps that can run on a tablet screen. Although Google has improved after starting the computer (Pixelbook), there are still many programs that are not working properly.

Progressive web applications have been around for some time, but many users don't know how to get them or why these apps are better than Android apps in Chrome OS, and some users prefer to execute all apps in the same move process.

The current changes only affect two major apps, Twitter and YouTube TV. Earlier this month, Google replaced the Twitter app in the Google Play Store with a progressive web app and replaced the YouTube TV version with PWA. Late last week.

Changes made mean that when (YouTube TV) or Twitter from the store (Google Play) is downloaded to your Chromebook, the store is downloaded and installed (PWA) and progressive web application (PWA) is tracked. These apps are displayed and if they are running as normal apps, you can uninstall them just like normal apps.

It appears that progressive web applications were previously available on the Google Play Store. But the difference is that it is now the standard version of Twitter and (YouTube TV). So if you want to install one of these two apps, Google owns the Chromebook and starts installing (PWA) instead of the Android version.

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