Cooler Master MB320L PC Case
Cooler Master MB320L PC Case

MasterBox MB320L ARGB is a micro ATX computer Case equipped with two pre-installed ARGB fans and honeycomb grille ventilators on both sides of the mirror. It is an air-to-liquid cooled building with front and back ventilation functions and can be installed with a fan and heat sink to support the award-winning principles from the MB Series. With the demo, you can make sure that any gaming system built into MasterBox MB320L ARGB is as good as its performance.

Front panel DarkMirror
The DarkMirrorfront control panel lights up to increase contrast with lighting components.

Network socket
The large grille ports extend to the sides of the front panel to provide additional system airflow.

Two ARGB fans
Two 120mm pre-installed ARGB fans can be managed through the connected motherboard through the enclosed section to create a full ARGB lighting system.

Tempered glass side panel
The tempered glass side wall shows the material in panoramic, personal patriotic style, and the factory's pure pride.

Adaptive disc cage
The gearbox can move forward to occupy the power supply compartment, move backward to provide additional space for the coolant, or even remove the coolant completely.
Cooler Master MB320L Tempered Glass PC Case
Cooler Master MB320L PC Case

Multiple cooling options
Supports up to six fans plus front, top and rear coolers to ensure no performance is affected.

Cooler Master MB320L PC Case Specs
  • Network port The large network ports extend to each side of the front panel to provide additional system airflow
  • The splitter in the ARGB fans can control two 120mm ARGB fans pre-installed on the attached motherboard to create a complete ARGB lighting system
  • Custom tempered glass or a pure pride cooling ring provides panoramic views from the side glass panel to the edge
  • The customizable drive rack is a removable front rack that can accommodate the power supply compartment at the back, provides additional space to the cooler and completely removes it
  • Supports up to six 120mm fans and various cooling options for front and rear radiator positions, so you don't have to compromise performance

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