Corona Amazon is forced to stop accepting delivery requests
Corona Amazon is forced to stop accepting delivery requests

Amazon announced on Sunday that it will put new customers on the waiting list for grocery deliveries and shorten shopping time in select stores from its Whole Foods supermarket to prioritize existing customers who buy groceries online during a new demand for coronary virus epidemics (COFED-19) COVID-19 .

Many shoppers who recently tried to buy food from e-commerce companies have found that they cannot place orders due to a lack of available delivery space. Amazon said it needs to convert all new online grocery customers online to a queue starting on Monday, increasing capacity every week.

In the past few weeks, the number of food supermarkets supplying food has increased in more than 150 locations compared to the previous 80. Amazon also plans to cut office hours for some stores (whole foods) so its employees can shop online faster.

These measures illustrate how the world's largest online retailer has demonstrated his ambitions to break into the food sector by purchasing (whole foods) for $ 13.7 billion in August 2017. Now he is benefiting from online and in-store transactions. Due to the high consumer demand, it is caught at home and many restaurants are not open to the public.

Amazon now offers Amazon Fresh and Amazon Prime in its own stores and full-fledged food stores. The store generally improves within hours thanks to its high-speed delivery functionality. Amazon last month temporarily suspended the pantry. The store does not sell perishable groceries.

Amazon said: During the epidemic, online grocery ordering capacity increased by more than 60%. However, some internet users claiming to use Amazon Prime (an annual subscription service of $ 119 for American buyers) complain of a lack of social media delivery windows.

The company has announced that it will hire more people to increase production capacity and plans to introduce a new feature that allows customers to secure a default "standby" mode for the initial assignment of delivery windows. Servants arrived first. It also provides higher wages to encourage warehouse workers to handle food.

Amazon currently operates 487 full food supermarkets in the U.S. These deals determine the number of clients permitted at any time. According to Amazon, daily heat checks are performed on employees and masks and gloves are sent to protect employees.

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