EufyCam 2C T81131D2 Wireless Security Camera
EufyCam 2C T81131D2

EufyCam Security 2C T81131D2
You and your family protect yourself and your privacy
Every eufy security product is designed to ensure that your security data is not transferred. Rest assured that you will be able to safely record everything that happens around your home.

100% wireless
Without cables or other cables, eufyCam 2C can be easily installed indoors and out and can monitor your home for 180 days with one charge.

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The wide-angle lens provides a panoramic view of 135 degrees from the aisle to the door with no blind spots. Voluntary but compulsory fees force you to shoot safely.

Military data security
Your data is for reference only. Because of this, it is locked with 256-bit AES account encryption and 128-bit video encryption. To reach your destination, you must insert the eMMC card into the registered HomeBase station and connect to the linked account.

Intelligent image optimization
Get a clearer, clearer view of the arrested person. Integrated AI technology identifies and focuses people.

Turn night into day
The built-in lamp illuminates the ambient light, even in poor lighting conditions you can see the whole picture in vivid colors. Infrared settings can also be used.

Important reminder
Human discoveries reduce the number of false alarms received. EufyCam 2C can smartly distinguish people from things.

Intelligent detection area
The dedicated camera detects the moving area. Create an area suitable for your home so that you only receive notifications that interest you.

Local storage for 3 months
Store recordings safely for up to 3 months with 16GB eMMC memory.

Military encryption
AES-128 data encryption ensures that your images remain private when sent and saved.

Immediate response
Speak directly in a two-way voice.

Intelligent integration
Connect your device to Amazon Alexa for full control control.

EufyCam 2C T81131D2 Wireless Security Camera
EufyCam 2C T81131D2

EufyCam 2C T81131D2 Security Camera Specs
  • Perfect picture control - Live broadcast and 1080p HD recording. With the 135 ° field of view, you can see exactly what's going on inside and around the home.
  • A single charge can guarantee six months of security. Avoid frequent trips to charge the battery. With a single charge, you can enjoy a battery life of up to 180 days.
  • Thanks to the technology that is important for detecting human alarms, the camera can intelligently recognize body and face shapes. Keep in mind that stray cats do not come close when people come close.
  • Weather resistance - eufyCam 2C has IP67 protection class and can withstand various components.
  • Eufy Security HomeBase 2 - HomeBase 2 required for additional eufyCam 2C camera. Please note that only the camera can be used. HomeBase / HomeBase E does not currently support eufyCam 2 / 2c. You will receive support soon.

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