Europe will launch smart technology that helps stop the spread of Corona
Europe will launch smart technology that helps stop the spread of Corona

A panel of European experts said on Wednesday that they will soon introduce smart phone technology that will help people who have contacted a new person with coronavirus (COVID-19). This will help the health authorities to act quickly, and prevent them from spreading.

The plan involves collecting data from smartphones to see who has close contact with people who have the virus so that people at risk can be contacted.

It is believed that the ability to closely track people at risk of infection prevents the "closure" of entire communities, with serious economic consequences.

A European initiative called "Monitoring European Data Protection Services" PEPP-PT wants to take advantage of the successful experience of using smart phones to track the spread of viruses and quarantine functions in some Asian countries, even if these methods can be used against strict EU data protection regulations violated.

The PEPP-PT program includes 130 researchers from eight countries and aims to launch a licensed technical platform by April 7 that will be used as the basis for the Contact Tracking application. The first support apps are available after a week. Start.

Epidemiologists say that once the national blockade reduces the rapid spread of the virus, keeping in touch will be an important weapon in containing future epidemics (Covid-19) that people can pass without symptoms. The most dangerous person contacted by the virus to avoid closures nationwide.

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