Facebook launches quiet mode feature
Facebook launches quiet mode feature

On Thursday, Facebook introduced a new feature that allows users to mute all notifications from the main application on mobile devices.

Facebook, which has the largest social network in the world, started testing a new feature called "Quiet Mode" last month. Now it has announced an official version and will make it available for iOS users and then for Android users in the coming months. Weeks. From May next year.

The company developed this feature in conjunction with other features in response to the emerging Coronary Virus Crisis (COVID-19) and was included in the "Your Facebook Time" section, which was launched in 2018, to enable users to periodically reduce network costs for account and management.

"Silent Mode" is one of the efforts of technology companies to address societal concerns about the negative impact of technology on the mental health of users. Smartphone addiction and the harmful effects of social media are an increasing problem that can make depression and loneliness worse, especially among young adults. As people spend more time at home, it becomes easier to develop bad habits and spend more time online. (Silent Mode) is supposed to solve this problem.

The new feature allows users to turn off all notifications, except for security updates and other important notifications. Although Facebook provided a feature to cut notifications from the app, (Silent) mode differs in that you can set a time period to mute notifications.

Entry is via (Mute) by going to the main menu, then clicking (Settings and Confidentiality), (Your Time on Facebook) and then (Time Management), where two options are offered to the user: (Mute)) and (Quiet mode provided ). The first allows you to block all notifications, and the second you can set the time and date to close the notifications.

If this option (quiet mode) is activated, a reminder is displayed to the user each time the application is opened. This message also indicates that the time remaining until the end of the specified period does not result in the notice being terminated.

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