Google launches news center against the Corona virus
Google launches news center against the Corona virus

Google has created a new Corona Virus News Center in Google News, where users can update virus information from trusted sources. The company said: "We will continue our efforts to provide high-quality news related to the virus in the next few weeks. Come on."

While there is no shortage of emerging news about the Corona virus, the research giant hopes to keep reports in one place so the center organizes news from reliable global and local sources to help readers get the latest news, explanations from a virus.

The areas where users want to update their information can be clearly identified, and the center can highlight stories by topics (such as business, health, and travel) and provide the latest local news to users. Including Tweets from local authorities.

The center received the latest prevention, symptoms and treatment guidance from the World Health Organization (WHO) and other reliable sources. Google has said it is working on the fact-checking feature to clear the error message related to the virus, but it is still trying to do so.

The company is taking additional steps to ensure that users have the most recent and reliable resources when searching for a virus, and it has expanded the virus coverage in its smart voice assistant to provide the latest updates in more languages.

You can ask Google Assistant "What's the latest corona virus?" For fast, convenient and timely updates from relevant news providers, this experience is available on mobile devices around the world. Home Speakers and Smartphones are available in more than 10 languages.

The company is also updating the Google Podcast app to include several websites for the Corona virus language. The new Corona Virus News Center is available in more than 20 countries via iOS, Android and the Internet and more sites are expected to be accessed within a few weeks and then accessed via the link.

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