Google launches an update to make file sharing less confusing
Google launches an update to make file sharing less confusing

Google announced Tuesday that it will launch an update to the app's permissions window: (documents), cloud storage (readers), and forms. The update aims to reduce file sharing clutter.

If you click the "Share" button after using this update, a pop-up window will clearly distinguish between the people you want to share files with via the contact search directory or colleagues and the permissions available for the link.

The previous shared window has two options in the same window with duplicate copy links and a "Get Get Shared Link" button. There is also a drop-down menu where you can change the permissions of the editing function to restrict it. Show only.

The new update becomes more apparent when a user chooses who they want to share with and then asks them to click the Permissions window to indicate who actually has access. There will also be a clear difference between sharing with individuals and sharing with groups.
Google launches an update program to reduce confusion surrounding file sharing

Google said: The purpose of this update is to make files shared with occasional permissions less confusing to reduce the risk of giving users unwanted access. In remote operation, virtual collaboration is imminent and the number of trolls trying to benefit from it has increased. This problem attracted increasing attention.

Google said in an article, "File sharing is crucial for collaboration. This is especially true as more and more employees work remotely and collaborate on files from different locations. By sharing files with we want to optimize collaboration while reducing unnecessary risks to user access."

The company said: As of April 28, this update will be rolling out to corporate customers in G Suite for about two weeks in the Rapid Release cycle, while it will start in the expected record range on May 26. Two weeks. The company said: G Suite customers and clients with a personal Google Account can use this update.

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