Google offers improved Meet features to compete with Zoom
Google offers improved Meet features to compete with Zoom

Google announced today that it has introduced a new way to show participants Meet and Meet for Business and Education, a method similar to Zoom's service.

Google CEO and Vice President of G Suite Services (Javier Soltero) recently said in an interview with Reuters that the company plans to launch this feature, saying: Google (late users) will allow receiving Gmail mail directly from the email service.

The reason for this new service is the large increase in services (death). As a result of the new coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, services are increasingly used by families, students, and domestic workers.

Compared to the previous situation, where only four people were allowed, users in the new view could display up to 16 meeting participants in one window. Although this functionality is similar to that found in the Zoom service, the latter has the advantage that, depending on the processing power of the device, thumbnails of up to 49 people can be displayed on the same screen.

Google last week promised to improve the functionality of the "Meet" app by improving video quality in low light and filtering background noise during a call. These features will be available to G Suite Enterprise and G Suite Education users and future mobile phone users online in the coming weeks.

Google previously reported that this (dead) service has more than 2 million users per day. According to Reuters, the application (dead) has succeeded in increasing the number of daily users since January of last year, more than any other service from Google.

Please note that Google expanded free access to certain (invalid) jobs from April to September 30 after the planned termination of free entry on July 1 next year.

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