Google prohibits employees from using Zoom
Google prohibits employees from using Zoom
Google has prevented its employees from using the zoom platform. The company cited security concerns that arose after the platform became one of the most popular free video chat services during the Corona epidemic. The ban applies to all employees of the global Google team.

The search giant sent an email to employees about the ban last week, warning employees who use Zoom on their Google-provided devices that the software is about to end.

Note that as part of the G Suite production suite, Google offers a competitive service called Zoom.

"Google always enforces a policy that prohibits employees from using unauthorized applications to run outside the corporate network," said Google spokesman Jose Castaneda.

"Our security team informs employees who use the Zoom Computer program that the software on the corporate computer has stopped working because it does not meet the security standards for the applications we use for employees and use Zoom in / out to stay in touch. Staff continues to use it through a web browser or mobile phone. ""

Even before the new Corona virus highlighted its vulnerabilities, the basic system for protecting privacy and security was criticized. In the past three months, the number of zoom users has increased from 10 million to 200 million for the following reasons. As a result, oversight of the magnification has increased dramatically in recent weeks. The number of people working from home is increasing all over the world.

After reporting video traffic across China, lack of appropriate security and encryption procedures, and other privacy issues (for example, hackers' ability to eavesdrop on the phone, online public meeting records, and uninvited guests to attend the meeting), the video conference service received a strong response. By hijacking the phone.

Zoom announced earlier this week that it had appointed former Facebook security chief Alex Stamos as a security and privacy advisor due to a number of important issues, and the State Department is one of the other agencies that have banned the use of zoom so far. Germany and the entire Taiwanese government.

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