Google renames the Hangouts Meet to Google Meet
Google renames the Hangouts Meet to Google Meet

Google renamed the Hangouts (Google Meet) video conferencing service and updated many support pages with new tabs. Although the mobile app still uses the old brand, it may soon change after the new changes

The major brand (Hangouts) contains two sub-brands (Hangouts Chat) and (Hangouts Meet). Google now needs to simplify things that focus on video conferencing. It has become a center of sudden and unexpected realization of the lives of many personal and professional lives.

A new blog has been posted on the blog (Google Cloud). There are several privacy measures included in the blog (Google Meet) to prevent remote meeting penetration. The service is known as "Google Meet."

Google confirmed that it officially changed the name of the service and confirmed that Meet is another component of G Suite, which also includes brands like Gmail, Docs, Sheets, and Drive. This brand's Hangouts cat belongs to this group.

At the time of the trademark change, Google Meet witnessed a significant increase due to the pandemic of the emerging wreath, as the use of Google Meet was 25 times higher than in January, and Google announced at the end of last month that the service had won more than one day. 2 million new users.

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