Google shuts down Shoelace's experimental social network
Google shuts down Shoelace's experimental social network

Google has decided to close a local experimental social network (Google Shoelace) for people who want to find other people for sports and other activities. The company announced that the service will not exit from the beta and will shut down on May 12 (Google Shoelace). .

Google launched a social network last July to help people connect in real life after the failed Google+ service was closed in April. In addition, for many platforms (like (Orkut), (Google Buzz), (Google+)), Allo, and Google Wave.

The service is only available in New York. The service is an experience in the incubator of the company's internal pilot project (area 120). Google encourages similar efforts in this incubator, which supports the emergence of applications such as (Rivet), (Game Builder), (Grasshopper), (Availability) and (Shortwave).

Google indicated that due to the current health crisis, it is now considered unsuitable for further investment in the project, and says it has no plans for a future restart (Google Shoelace).

The service is designed to help users communicate with other people who share the same common interests in some personal events and activities. The new social network encourages people to spend less time on mobile phones to spend more time in real life.

Google mentioned this concept when launching Schemer in 2011 to share and find out what to do. The goal is exactly the same as with Google Shoelace.

Schemer was one of the first projects developed by Googlers. They wanted to try ideas that were not the company's main products, but due to the little impact, the company closed the service in 2014.

The search giant has announced that it will delete all data related to the service after May 12th, although users can fill out this form to receive a copy before that date.

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