Google’s AI tools can turn your photos into artwork
Google’s AI tools can turn your photos into artwork

Google has announced in its application (Arts & Culture) a new tool (Art Transfer) through which artificial intelligence can be used to transform images into artworks by applying common panel themes to images. Art Transfer) works well by analyzing the plate's AI algorithm. By repeating his style in every photo the user takes.

Product Manager (Google Arts & Culture) Michelle Luo wrote in an article: "Art Transfer not only mixes two things together, it not only fixes your photos, but also inspires you. The cloned image is a unique algorithm for your specific artistic style."

Google has indicated that this new feature can be implemented on the device without using the cloud or the Internet to process images. This means that your photos will not be transferred to Google's servers and that the (Art Transfer) tool is now available for Android and i (Google Arts & Culture) offering iOS and iOS.

Google Arts & Culture is an online platform where anyone can work with many cultural institutions around the world to visit museums, art galleries, and digital editions of various famous artworks.

The app includes other computer tools that support Computer Vision, such as the Selfie Art feature that was introduced two years ago that allows you to take pictures of yourself and find your image for famous paintings.

This research giant has already launched many artifacts of artificial intelligence and (AutoDraw) allows anyone to draw very quickly simply by smearing them, so the application can guess what the person is trying to draw and allow them to be talented. Choose from the list of artboards to assist them in any work. Things are visible quickly.

There is also a game (Quick, Draw!) That challenges the player to draw a picture of an object or idea, and then uses the Neural Network of Artificial Intelligence to guess what an AI chart can do for anyone learning to design to improve their future. The ability to guess correctly.

It should be noted that the Russian company (Prisma) launched an application 4 years ago that follows the concept of the Art Art Tool itself, and that the German website ( offers similar functions.

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