Haylou Solar has a metal design and can charge up to 30 days
Haylou Solar has a metal design and can charge up to 30 days

The Haylou Smartwatch brand from Haylou Solar recently launched a simple metallic design that supports 12 sports modes and has a 30-day charge time on standby.

The Haylou brand is one of the partners of the Chinese giant Xiaomi. Today, the company launched its smart watch with the Haylou brand, which was announced via Xiaomi Youpin. Haylou Solar's watch price is now just $ 21.

Haylou Solar Smartwatch uses a metal design. It can also monitor user activity in 12 sports modes. The smart watch also supports daytime heart rate monitoring and can keep charging time for 30 days in standby mode.

On the other hand, the company noted that "solar energy" in smart watch brands does not explain the benefits of solar charging, and the battery can monitor heart rate and user heart rate, providing users with a shelf life of up to 15 days.

Haylou Solar Smartwatch features a minimalist Scandinavian design. The round dial of the smartwatch has a metal frame, the screen size is 1.28 inches and the resolution of the smart watch is 240 x 240 pixels. The smart watch can also be displayed in bright light.

Haylou Solar Smartwatch is also equipped with a silicone bracelet, as the company has confirmed that the wrist strap provides a comfortable experience for everyday use. Haylou sundial also includes a built-in optical sensor for heart rate monitoring. The sensor supports AI algorithms to accurately track your heart rate.

Haylou Solar Smartwatch's sporting modes include walking, jogging, climbing, biking, yoga, or jogging on indoor sports, basketball, soccer, and rowing. The smart watch also supports IP68 standard.


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