HP announces innovative PC security solutions
HP announces innovative PC security solutions

HP today announced advanced security solutions that provide full protection against two-dimensional corporate employees. This confirms its leadership position in the IT security industry, including new HP Pro Security Edition solutions, HP Proactive Security and HP Sure. Click Enterprise.

With the recent boom in teleworking, it is important to realize that the risk of working from home is increasing as more than 80% of home office routers are vulnerable to potential cyberattacks as email plays a role that poses a major threat to the organization, 90% of which are. In the above mentioned infection cases, only 96% of security violations were discovered after a few months.

"Computer use is more prevalent than ever, and cybersecurity has become a major problem. With the growing threat to cybersecurity, there is an urgent need for security solutions that can help protect from threats," said Alex Chow, director of personal affairs. Systems in HP inc. Records. Get to know them and treat them. ""

“The new HP solution provides a unique blend of cloud, artificial intelligence and device security technologies designed to respond to evolving cybersecurity threats across all industries, from organizations to enterprise development,” said Joe.

HP Pro security for small and medium businesses.
HP extends integrated security solutions by supporting devices to computers with the goal of providing simple, powerful, and effective security solutions for small and medium businesses.

HP Pro Security Edition, the world's most advanced application isolation and endpoint solution, is introduced around the world for Windows 10 PCs and provides SMB customers with a higher level of network security.

This suite of security solutions includes HP Sure Sense Pro, a solution to prevent deep learning of artificial intelligence, and HP Sure Click Pro, which provides isolation protection for browsers, files, and applications.

The capabilities of advanced HP Sure Click and HP Sure Sense technologies complement each other and are supported by a constantly connected continuous learning cloud, software updates, threat isolation, and application safety monitoring.

This provides strong protection against multiple threats from different types of malware. This comprehensive threat protection solution addresses all known and unknown cyber attacks and fights threats that cannot be detected by antivirus solutions.

Managed security services for medium-sized companies.
HP Proactive Security is an advanced security service for devices worldwide. With a first security-oriented approach, HP Proactive Security helps SMEs fight cyber attacks without changing user behavior or increasing the IT workload.

The service provides enhanced protection, monitoring and management by HP cyber security experts. Company data and devices are protected by multiple layers of proactive protection, using advanced deep learning and isolation techniques to protect endpoints and reduce risk.

This managed service also provides a complete overview of the device's protection status. Detailed results of HP TechPulse attacks and denials can be accessed from a single control panel, so the company can be assured and safe. Remote workers can secure their work anywhere.

Excellent security solutions for large companies.
Designed for large corporations and government agencies, HP Sure Click Enterprise is the most secure solution to isolate and embed endpoint applications worldwide to protect institutional endpoints from most attacks and threats, and to provide security teams with threat detail in real time. .

This solution enables HP customers to provide runtime protection by isolating intermittent tasks and virtual machines to protect users who are online and off the network from the intrusion, movement, or data mining aspect.

HP Sure Click Enterprise supports all devices on Windows 8 and Windows 10, reduces complexity and supports network security while being increasingly vulnerable to targeted and annoying attacks.

The solution also provides other features, including protecting user credentials from phishing attacks and automated threat analysis supported by the cloud. The solution is supported by internal servers or hosted services and has complex features for managing policies and threats. HP Pre-Cloud has passed ISO 27001 / SOC2 Type II certification.

HP Sure Click Pro can be downloaded for free.
HP strives to support the workforce by maximizing network security, especially for home-based customers and end-users. HP offers one of its solutions, HP Sure Click Pro, for free. September 30, 2020 to protect users from Internet, email or document-based security threats.

HP Sure Click Pro extends the current HP Sure Click with additional functionality, for example editing Word and Excel documents in isolated containers. This offer is intended for HP PC users or other Windows 10 PCs.

Ease of use.
  • HP Pro Security Edition: expected to be available on select HP Elite PCs in summer 2020.
  • HP Proactive Security: Currently available for specific Beta customers and expected to be available to customers and partners worldwide in April 2020.
  • HP Sure Click Enterprise: scheduled for May 2020.
  • HP Sure Click Pro: It will be available for free download on HP and other devices until September 30, 2020.
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