Huawei could launch a new phone on April 23
Huawei could launch a new phone on April 23

According to Chinese sources, Huawei launched the Nova 7i smartphone last February. Huawei is preparing to launch a new phone from the Nova 7 series.

An article was published on the Chinese social networking site Weibo, talking about Huawei's intention to launch three new phones on April 23: (Nova 7 SE), (Nova 7 SE), Nova 7 SE and (Nova 7 Pro). In April it will only be available on the market in 5 days.

These three phones will be equipped with Huawei processors, for example: (Kirin 985), (Kirin 990 5G) or (Kirin 820). The mobile processor (Nova 7 SE) (Kirin 820), mobile processor (Nova 7) (Kirin 985) and mobile processor (Nova 7 Pro) (Kirin 990 5G) are expected.

According to the report, the phone (Nova 7 Pro) is sold at $ 495, while the phone (Nova 7) and (Nova 7 SE) is sold at a lower price.

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