Instagram launches a live fundraising feature
Instagram launches a live fundraising feature

Instagram's Photo and Video Sharing Service on Tuesday demonstrated a new way in which users can use Instagram to raise direct donations to nonprofits based on the popularity of Coronavirus Instagram in real time (COVID-19) COVID-nineteenth

Although Instagram provided donation stickers for stories, the new real-time donation feature allows anyone to launch fundraising campaigns alone or with others in a live broadcast to achieve the same virtual reality. Donation experience

This new post comes from Instagram, owned by Facebook, and one day after the start of the service (Tiktok) (TikTok), the TikTok function can be used in video postings and live broadcasts. Unlike Tik Tok, Tik Tok only supports a few charities initially. According to Instagram, the new direct donation feature can start donations for over a million nonprofits. She also noted that 100% of the money raised was donated directly to nonprofits, given that Instagram didn't filter the money, which is common on some other donation platforms.

To use the new donation function during live broadcast, users can click on the camera in the top right on Instagram or swipe right (Feed). After that, you can click on the "Realtime" button at the bottom of the screen, select (Fundraising), then choose the supported nonprofit.
Instagram launches a real-time fundraising function

Instagram said: The use of live broadcasts has increased in popular times. For example, she added that the job usage increased by 70% in the last month because users used their live streaming service for multiple destinations. The company said: Although there are no formal benefits, many users have already raised donations to charities through the service.

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