IPhone SE does not have a custom U1 GPS chip
IPhone SE does not have a custom U1 GPS chip

The new Apple iPhone SE does not have the U1 Ultra Broadband main component. The chip first appeared on the iPhone 11 in September last year, although the device contains some of the best components (iPhone 11) and (iPhone 11 Pro) was developed (iPhone 8), all cost less than $ 400.

On Apple's website, the device's technical data page indicates that in some cellular and wireless specifications, there is no U1 superfast chip available in the iPhone 11 series first, and additional space and HD tracking displays. It is believed that it is closely related to future products such as AirTags between linked devices.

The chip is a Global Positioning System, so it can work with more accuracy and less energy without having to reverse signals from cell towers and satellites.

It is not clear how the lack of a U1 super bandwidth chip affects compatibility with Apple's Bluetooth tracking tags. There are many rumors, but for older devices that do not have an AirTags chip it can be default.

Despite rumors, iPad 2020 models also lack U1 ultra bandwidth.

Interestingly, the aforementioned chip is one of the few options that iPhone SE does not support, as its spec listing mainly matches (iPhone 11) specifications, including support for Wi-Fi 6 and NFC, It is a quick power-saving option.

With an Express Card, you can wirelessly drive some certified public transit systems without opening the app, or even use (FaceID) or (TouchID) to activate the screen and authenticate the function that even charges the iPhone. You can also verify your identity afterwards.

The last two functions - NFC in card and fast card read mode with power saving functions - may be part of the CarKey function, which Apple has developed and will be released in a future release of iOS to produce models. iPhone. Modern plants replace traditional car keys.

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