Mac 2021 computers coming with Apple-made ARM processors
Mac 2021 computers coming with Apple-made ARM processors

Bloomberg announced on Thursday that Apple plans to launch Mac series computers with processors next year.

Citing its sources, the agency said that the processor used on Mac computers will use the same ARM architecture as the iPhone smartphone and tablet processors.

According to Bloomberg, Apple is developing three processors based on the A14 processor that will be used in the next iPhone. This indicates that the company will transfer more Mac products from current Intel service provider.

Apple started using Intel processors in 2006. A year later, all Mac computers are based on Intel chipsets. Since then, Apple has relied on Intel to make chips for other products, such as the iPhone's modem chip.

Apple has long relied on external suppliers to obtain modem chips. This is an important part of connecting devices such as iPhones to wireless data networks. To make its own chips, Apple acquired most of the Intel modem production unit for $ 1 billion last July, then led a long-term lawsuit with Qualcomm over patent licensing practices.

It should be noted that the company achieved Mac sales of about $ 7.16 billion in the last quarter, while Intel's personal computing division, which included the sale of Al Madom chips, achieved sales in the previous quarter with sales of nearly $ 10 billion.

According to a report published by Bloomberg in April 2018, Apple plans to use its own chips for Mac from 2020.

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